Rudd to wrestle Rupert


Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has stepped up his attacks on News Corp Australia’s coverage of Australia politics by challenging the company’s international chair Rupert Murdoch to a “wrestling match to the death”.

In recent weeks Mr Rudd has been using social media to attack what he described as News Corp’s blatantly biased, anti-Labor coverage .

Mr Rudd has used his Twitter account on numerous occasions to draw attention to instances of alleged News Corp bias, especially in relation to its newspapers’ attacks on Victoria’s Labor Government for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic while not subjecting the Morrison Government to the same scrutiny, especially in the area of aged care which is a direct federal government responsibility.

“I’ve said before that the Murdoch media empire is a cancer that must be eradicated,” he told reporters at a news conference held inside the Carrarra Sports and Leisure Centre on the Gold Coast.

The centre, Mr Rudd (main picture) explained, was the venue for wrestling events during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

He said the relatively COVID-19-free status of Queensland would ensure a strong crowd for the match, albeit under strict social distancing arrangements.

Mr Rudd said the wrestling match, to be promoted under the banner “Jostle with the Fossil”, would be live streamed around the world.

“I have been trying to expose the Murdoch media’s bias but we have reached the stage where words are not enough,” he said.

“That’s why I am issuing a challenge to Rupert Murdoch to meet me here on the Gold Coast for a wrestle to the death.

“He should jump on his private jet and get his flabby old right-wing Yank arse over here where I’ll give him the pummeling he deserves.

“I have been in training for weeks now just for this event which should help rid the world of the insidious influence of this biased old bastard who cares nothing for the facts and is motivated purely and simply by his own financial and political self-interest,” he said.

Speaking from New York, a spokesperson for Mr Murdoch said the media mogul was taking Mr Rudd’s challenge seriously.

“Mr Murdoch is likely to take up the challenge but may seek to substitute his current wife Jerry Hall to wrestle Mr Rudd, especially if he can secure pay-TV rights to the match,” the spokesperson said.