Twitter user draws the line


The recent controversy over a cartoon in The Australian has prompted calls on social media for enforceable guidelines to be adopted by newspapers and new websites for publishing editorial cartoons.

Regular Twitter user Loudon Aggressive told his 45 followers this morning that the recent controversial Johannes Leak cartoon depicting US Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden was “outrageous”.

“Haven’t seen it yet myself but I can just imagine,” Mr Aggressive said in a series of tweets.

“Leak should be sacked for that cartoon and his previous deeply racist body of work.

“It’s definitely a case of like father like son. Johannes’s father Bill Leak was, just like his son, a man. So already there is an inbuilt patriarchal overlay to all his work.

“Just like his father he deliberately and provocatively uses lots of white space in every single one of his cartoons, which is a clear allusion to the dominant and oppressive culture under which so many must struggle every day.

“To add insult to injury, Leak employs black lines in all his cartoons to depict the people or characters he is holding up to ridicule.

“Black lines matter because they comprise far less of any given cartoon that the white spaces, which is clear evidence of a biased and, dare I say, consciously racist approach not just by Leak but by all other editorial cartoonists.”

Mr Aggressive uploaded a sample of what he described as “an acceptable editorial cartoon” (main picture) and called on all Australian newspapers to sack their editorial cartoonists or at bare minimum provide a commitment to refuse to publish any cartoon or illustration that perpetuated racism.

“That means from now on no white space and no black lines,” he said.

“I and the rest of Twitter will be watching closely from now on to see what they do in response, or at least I’ll be told by others on Twitter what’s happened and take it from there.”