ABC personalities to swap roles


Two of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s most admired and respected on-camera personalities are to swap jobs to “challenge our minds” and “create new opportunities”.buddy t

In a few days time, Doctor Norman Swan will take over from Antony Green as the ABC’s election-night analyst/psephologist while Green will begin daily appearances on various news programs as the ABC’s go-to man to give clear and concise updates on the fight against COVID-19.

Dr Swan is expected to appear in front of the tally-room results board for Saturday night’s call of the Northern Territory election while Green begins his coronavirus updates on ABC TV’s News Breakfast program this Friday.

The Bug caught up with Dr Swan (at top) as he practised in the ABC’s Sydney studios.

“I think the swap Antony and I have engineered will challenge our minds,” Dr Swan said as he ran through some of the trickier NT election candidate names.

“Of course, my formal training over the decades has never included sept…pseh…setpo…. thepo… the study of political opinion polls… but I think it’s going to go fine on the night,” he added as he pressed buttons and all the wrong things appeared on his computerised tally-board screen.

“What the hell is that doing up there,” he exclaimed as he repeatedly clicked his pointer to try to remove a rare naked photo of actor Edie Falco of Nurse Jackie fame.

“But I’ve told management I’ll be far more conservative because of my medical training than Antony in calling elections too early. I’ll be waiting until the final AEC declaration in a few weeks time before making any predictions of my own about the NT.”antony green covis expert - net

In an adjoining studio, Antony Green was testing out some new algorithms he’s written for brand-new prediction software he’d co-authored with the ABC’s top computer nerds.

“I think the swap Norman and I have engineered will create new opportunities,” Green said as pressed buttons and all the wrong things appeared on screen.

“I’m going to give this dreaded bacterial (sic) infection a run for its money.

“I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to call daily COVID-19 infection numbers and deaths at least two days before they actually happen,” he said.

He then shouted: “What the hell are they doing up there?” as he tried to shield from view images of what appeared to be a montage of photos showing various stages of Malcolm Mackerras’s life.