It’s time to focus on the HABs!

Readers of old-style newspapers and their contemporary online news sites are well accustomed to the acres or hectares of newsprint and screens that are regularly devoted to coverage of the WAGS — wives and girlfriends — of top football players.

Over the years it has been most noticeable in Melbourne where the partners of AFL players are regularly displayed in their fashion finery when attending awards ceremonies or other major events.

Any casual observer would wonder why every single WAG has been blessed by nature with stunning good looks.

Some might see it another way and may even dare suggest that such coverage is trivial and sexist.

But surely the time has arrived for outlets like Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper to put such allegations to rest.

It can start to do so by giving exactly the same coverage to HABS — husbands and boyfriends — of AFLW players as it gives to the WAGS of AFL stars as it did in today’s edition (pictured at top).

We’re all waiting.

Come what may……

If you’re going to fuck up, just don’t fuck up on page one!

Well, it seems some sub-editor/artist at the The Sun-Herald last night (Saturday) forgot this age-old and very wise piece of print-media journalism industry advice.

panthers star may - net

Readers this morning of the front-page sports pointers were left wondering exactly what a certain Panthers star may……

The missing second deck of the heading may have explained things more fully.

For whom the polls bell….

herald sun poll on andrews - net

Some among the Twitterati declared it one of the best own goals ever.

And The Bug‘s Media Glass House couldn’t agree more, given the results of a Herald Sun online Facebook poll about Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

At last count, some 68 per cent of more than 200,000 respondents had given Andrews their thumbs up, and we’d like to think staff who work for Victorian Labor have more important things to do than try to influence such a poll.

The Glass House understands that following a phone call from New York to the newspaper’s Melbourne HQ, the person at the Herald Sun who thought up the poll idea was escorted from the building by two large men wearing dark glasses and black overcoats and police are still searching for his body.

PS: The Glass House is taking a bit of a risk here. We’ve assumed the News Corpse rag did in fact run this poll and it’s not a little bit of Twitter made-up mischievous fun. It’s been known to happen, you know. Some fake Newspolls have even appeared on social mediocre from time to time.