Apple idea bears fruit


Global tech giant Apple Inc has rejected criticism that it is taking its loyal customers for granted by overcharging for basic products that aren’t really needed.

IT industry observers have questioned the need for Apple’s latest product, the iZero, launched today by the company’s CEO, Tim Cook (main picture).

Striding around the stage at the company’s Cupertino auditorium, Mr Cook was greeted with a standing ovation by the invitation-only crowd that was much thinner than at previous product launches  because of social distancing requirements.

Mr Cook spent 30 minutes walking up and down stage in front of a large screen that showed various aspects of the new iZero.

“The iZero epitomises Apple’s focus on timeless product design that meets the needs and aspirations of its end users,” he said, backtracking only to clarify that by “timeless” he meant design that lasted until the next generation of the same Apple product was released.

1applebox“We’ve designed the iZero (pictured) to meet the needs of business and personal users by offering storage in a range of sizes and priced from just US$898 up to US$1650.

“The iZero provides a 21st century solution to the everyday needs of people of all ages and from all walks of life.

“It truly is a universal product that meets a universal need.”

After Mr Cook left the stage to the standing ovation that is customary at Apple product launches, he faced questions from reporters.

Under repeated questioning he finally admitted the iZero was just an empty cardboard box but was interrupted by an aide who handed him information detailing the queues already forming outside Apple stores around the world by customers keen to buy an iZero.

“At the current rate of demand, “ MrCook said, “ it looks like the iZero will be a sellout very soon,” Mr Cook said.

“But that certainly bodes well for the iZero2 which we now have in development.”