Biden gaffe derails campaign

2020US ELECTION2020 DINKUSThe US Democratic Party says it is cancelling planned campaign appearances by its presidential candidate Joe Biden for the immediate future.

The decision follows an online rally with Mr Biden and his vice-presidential pick Senator Kamala Harris streamed live from the basement of the former vice-president’s Delaware home.

The 77-year-old Mr Biden began the rally by describing the political record of Ms Harris, 55, in glowing terms although he mistakenly referred to her as Ms Ross and singled out her time fronting The Supremes as one of her career highlights.

His comments also contained another small hint that all was not well when Mr Biden stopped mid-sentence at one point to declare he needed to change his adult diaper before stressing the need to remove “President Eisenhower” from the White House.

His comments then veered into more personal territory when he compared Ms Harris to his wife Jill whose name he also had trouble recalling, with the former vice-president declaring it was hard to pick between the two when it came to which one he would prefer to sleep with.

As he spoke, Mr Biden grabbed Ms Harris (main picture) while nibbling the back of her neck.

After Ms Harris protested, broke free, and involuntarily slapped him across his face Mr Biden apologised.

“I am so sorry,” he said, “I know I should have taken my teeth out first. I get it.”

Aides then rushed to his side and led him away which allowed viewers to see that he was not wearing trousers.

Viewers then saw Mr Biden struggle to break free from aides and before the live stream abruptly ended he lunged for his family’s pet cat while yelling: “Let me show you something Jack Kennedy taught me.”

A Democratic Party spokesperson said no further online rallies were planned for the immediate future.