Rely on Rupe’s rags to Labor a point



Now that the Palaszczuk Government has thought up a bullshit excuse to ditch its stupid, ill-conceived ban on journos reporting on corruption allegations to the Crime and Corruption Commission during election periods – “we won’t have enough time to enact the laws!” – let’s reflect on why the government cooked up such a muddled and easily ridiculed concept in the first place.

Firstly, senior respected former mainstream scribes such as Paul Syvret and Tony Koch joined civil libertarians, the journos’ union and others in criticising the move and The Courier-Mail reluctantly (insert canned laughter here) joined in too.courier mail - war on free speech - net

Still, could you blame the Polish Princess, her ministers and minders for being somewhat overwhelmed by a panic-stricken paranoia about what Rupe’s rotten rags are already doing and have planned for them in the next eleven weeks before polling day on 31 October?

The Courier-Mail, The Sunday-Mail and the remaining regional print-media papers, Cairns Post, Townsville Bulletin and the Gold Coast Bulletin – all monopolies – are going to reach new lows – some might argue that’s nigh on impossible – of right-wing bias as they shred their last fibre of journalistic integrity to heap bile on the Palaszczuyk government.

And all because a flaccid-arsed, ethically bereft, money-hungry, 89-year-old New York cunt thinks a return to a LNP government in the Sunshine State best suits his interests.

So why wouldn’t the government have legitimate concerns that those mastheads wouldn’t blink before running hard and long with some bullshit allegation sent to the CCC – as long as it’s anti-Labor, of course.

We should never forget how the Courier responded to the CCC clearing Jackie Trad of any criminal wrong-doing recently.

Do the likes of Steven Wardill, the Courier and Sunday Mail state affairs editor so critical of the government’s bid to protect itself in the campaign proper now almost upon us, seriously want to have us believe that a front-page 300 point splash heading –  TRAD CLEARED! would not have been used if Trad had been an LNP member?

Instead, we had a two-page spread painting her in the worse possible light, all part of the ongoing campaign by the Bowen Hills branch of the Queensland LNP to shaft Palaszczuk and Co. at every possible opportunity and use words such as corruption ad nauseum.

Fair enough, the CCC didn’t let Trad off scot-free but, once again, would that two-page putdown have appeared if Tim Mander was the person involved? Thoughts, Steve?

In fact, Steve, if you seriously believe your papers are going to be fair and balanced across their election news pages, send me a tweet saying so. It’s a dreary drizzling morning as I rant this, and I could do with a good chuckle.

No, the next two-and-a-half months are going to be horrific and will probably make me feel ashamed of the six years I spent at The Courier-Mail back when it at least tried to be a real newspaper.

We’ll be seeing much much more from those two papers up at Bowen Hills – and The Australian too, of course, but luckily so few people read that so it does minimal damage  – along the lines of this splash (right) on the eve of a previous election state election and which the LNP then splashed all over polling booths.bikies back labor for power - net

What really pisses me off about this total dereliction of duty to basic journalism standards is that these newspapers simply do not believe that the good folk of Queensland – if presented with a fair and balance reporting of party policies and, yes, criticism and praise over past performance of any government in power – can’t be trusted or relied on to make wise decisions on election day.

So let’s see what happens in late October.

In the meantime, some small pleasure will be taken in watching The Courier-Mail and Sunday-Mail continue to do immense damage to their brands – what business geniuses, they are! – as they give a big “fuck you” to what will probably be on election night roughly 50 per cent of the state’s voters, one way or the other.

Rupe’s rotten rags went about as hard as they could to derail Labor in the elections of 2015 and 2017 and the good folk of Queensland decided that Queenslanders – in both those cases Labor folk – knew what was better for them and their state than that truly dreadful Yank cunt all the way over there in New York.