Pastor protests law change


An evangelical pastor in Brisbane plans to mount a legal challenge to the Queensland Government’s new law banning “gay conversion” therapy.

Pastor Al Dente (main picture) of the Online Funds Transfer Church on Brisbane’s southern outskirts claimed the new law was unnecessary and discriminatory.

Pastor Dente explained his church had an open mind on homosexuality and he personally wanted to convert to a gay lifestyle.

“As everyone knows, being gay is a conscious choice that people make and our church has in the past helped many men in our congregation reverse their choice and become heterosexual,” he said.

“Despite the claims made by the government we have achieved that with few side-effects and certainly with only a small number of fatalities.

“Naturally if you can convert someone to be a heterosexual, it can also work the other way and I for one — as a 57-year-old man — would love to at least try out the gay lifestyle.

“Do you know a lot of gay men have a ‘hello fuck’ when they first meet to break the ice? To see if it’s worth getting into a deeper relationship, so to speak.

“It really looks like a lot of fun and I’d like to give it a go, at least for a few weeks or maybe months.

“But the new law banning gay conversion now makes that impossible,” he said.