Evening with KAK will be a shoe-in


Sacked Channel 10 personality Kerri-Anne Kennerley is remaining upbeat and positive by announcing plans for a one-woman show tour to celebrate her time on the station’s Studio 10 program.

Using only a simple wooden chair at the centre of an otherwise empty stage, Ms Kennerley’s Foot in Mouth: A night with KAK will open soon at the Capital Theatre in Haymarket,  Sydney, before making its way around the nation.

Highlights will include her famous monologue,  “Where children, babies, five-year-olds are being raped. Their mothers are being raped, their sisters are being raped”, first performed on the program about remote Aboriginal communities following anti-Australia Day rallies.

Other show gems will include the time on the set in October 2019, when Kennerley suggested that hundreds of climate change protesters linked to the Extinction Rebellion movement should be used as “speed bumps”.

And she most certainly will be reprising the show in December last year where she appeared to slut-shame 10 Daily senior reporter Antoinette Lattouf by asking Lattouf : “Did you forget your pants today?” before the reporter explained she was wearing “a playsuit”.

Ever the entertainer, Kennerley, who had just learned the term “thirsty” meant ready for sex then said to camera, “And she’s gonna be thirsty”.

A spokesperson for Ms Kennerley said that despite laugh-aloud moments like those and many many more, sadly, because of COVID-19, the one-woman show would have to be performed  without a theatre audience.

“Even thought that’s probably for the best,” he said, “it will nevertheless be a big disappointment for One Nation supporters who were all going to be admitted free of charge all around Australia.”