Network hits ground zero


Network Ten has announced it will return to using its former name of Channel 0 to better reflect its commitment to local news and production.

The TV network yesterday revealed it would abolish the jobs of its current state-based news readers and weather presenters in favour of teams based in Sydney and Melbourne.

The network plans to broadcast news bulletins for Sydney, Brisbane and Perth from Sydney while Adelaide and Melbourne’s bulletins will originate from its Melbourne studios.

All state weather presenter positions are to be axed in favour of a single national presenter.

The changes are expected to see some of Australia’s best and most talented on-air personalities sacked, as well as Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

In addition to Ms Kennerley’s departure, The Bug understands her Studio 10 program faces further job cuts after the network was given audience research showing the program had extremely low viewer support.

“In fact, the research showed that the number of people watching the show was limited to the Studio 10 panel members themselves, and only then when they checked their appearance on the floor monitors in the studio,” a network spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also said the network’s planned  “new” name of Channel 0 (main picture) would actually be pronounced as “Channel Zero”.

“We think that better reflects what the network has been doing in terms of local production and the goal we want to achieve in the long term,” he said.

When asked if the network feared repercussions from the federal government, including the possibility of having its broadcast licence revoked for failing to meet its obligations for local content and news, the spokesperson’s response was unclear — mainly because he was laughing so hard and was forced to hang up.