Pence doubles down on race gaffe

United States Vice President Mike Pence has strongly defended a TV interview in which he repeatedly stressed the colour divide between himself and the Democrats’ VP candidate Kamala Harris.2020US ELECTION2020 DINKUS

Joe Biden overnight nominated Harris, an African-American former Californian Attorney General, as his running mate to take on US President Donald Trump and Pence at the ballot box on November 3.

Should Biden win that vote and die of old age soon after his inauguration as many experts predict, Ms Harris will become the US’s first female black president.

In an interview with Fox News, Pence (pictured at top) said the selection of Harris made him the “white choice” for the vice presidency.

As a clearly delighted Fox News interviewer paused to make sure he had heard right and let the Vice-President expand on the comment, Pence turned to the camera and shouted: “My country, white or wrong!”

He then upped the ante further with several sexist jibes.

“Should either Mr Trump or Mr Biden die in office of old age early in the next term as many experts suspect and predict, who do you trust to have their finger on the button, eh?

“I imagine Ms Harris has had her finger on the button many times during her life but would you seriously trust her to have her finger on the nuclear button, especially if it’s the wrong time of the month!”

As Mr Pence’s advisers and security personnel bundled him out of the Fox News studio for his injections and afternoon nap, he could still be heard shouting: “I’m made of the white stuff!” and “There’s will be very dark days ahead if we lose” and “Let’s hope it will be all white on the night”.

A Republican strategist who spoke to The Bug said he fully endorsed the vice-president’s comments.

“It’s a win-win for us. It consolidates our base,” he said.

“Our polling shows the President still has enough support among ru-males – that’s rural males – and anti-imms – or voters who are anti-immigration – and we’ve never lost our very strong support from ray-cysts – that’s racists.

“So we’ve never really needed any votes from ni…. I’m sorry …nice black folk to win.”