Kate shows she’s queen of the lens

tristan coyte-rimmer - netOur nation’s future Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been making the most of the pandemic lockdown conditions in force across the UK for much of this year by honing her photography skills.

The former Kate Middleton, wife of the future King, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, is a well-known amateur photographer.

Perhaps her best known works are the informal but delightful snaps she takes of the couple’s three young children on their birthdays.

It is now a regular and accepted practice for the birthday photos taken by Her Royal Highness of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to be issued by the Duke’s press office in the place of the previously somewhat stiffly posed official portraits released in years gone by.

My royal sources tell me that the Duchess has made the most of being limited in her royal duties over the past few months by taking a portfolio of candid photos of other members of the Royal Family.

“Her works are of a very high standard,” one Buckingham Palace insider said. “She has a very keen eye and her photos tend to bring out many previously unseen characteristics of her subjects.1camillachair

“Take for example the photos the Duchess has taken of her in-laws, the Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall (main picture and at right).

“Those pictures reveal the strain of the lockdown on the senior royals and show a side to Prince Charles and Camilla that we have never seen before. The photos could easily be hung in any of the leading London galleries they are that good.”

My royal sources told me that among the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite targets for her photographic skills were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife the former Meghan Markle, before they withdrew from mainstream royal life and left the UK for North America.

1snapduchess“One particular snap of the Duchess of Sussex features Meghan clearly giving Kate a delightful little wave with her delightful royal hands (pictured),” one of my palace sources said.

“There is also a similar picture Kate took of Harry and he too is giving her a wave, although he is using another body part.”