ABC unwraps new show

buddy tThe ABC believes it is on a winner with its plans for yet another series of cookery programs hosted by Annabel Crabb and featuring Australian politicians.

A spokesperson for ABC TV, Ann Tenor, told me the new series would be very different from previous programs such as Kitchen Cabinet starring Ms Crabb.

“For a start, in the new series everyone who appears on screen will be naked,” Ms Tenor said.

“We stole…. I mean, we decided upon this very original concept of making a program with people in the buff after seeing viewer response to the recent Life Drawing Live show on SBS, which in turn got their original idea from the UK’s Life Drawing Live show.

“We wanted to give viewers a warts and all look — literally — at their elected representatives and we’re very pleased that so many have lined up to take part.

“We’ve already got the premiere episode in the can and I’m pleased to say Prime Minister Scott Morrison agreed to appear and whipped up one of his favourite curries (main picture).

“We’ve got a list of pollies queuing up to get their kit off so we may well be looking at a second or third series already.”

Ms Tenor said viewers of the new series would also notice major changes to the hosting role of Annabel Crabb.

“In her previous program Kitchen Cabinet she interviewed politicians in their home while they cooked a meal for her and at the end of the show they both tucked into a dessert that Annabel had made and brought along,” she said.

“The central idea of the pollie cooking remains but for the new program instead of dessert Annabel takes along a different case of beer that she has selected for each episode.

“It will enable both Annabel and the politician doing the cooking to explore their taste in beer and tell a few stories while also giving us a chance to get some cash from brewers for product placement…. I mean, it allows us to showcase brews that viewers may never have seen or tasted.

“Annabel’s quite happy about featuring a case of beer in the show because it saves her cooking which she says she can’t stand anyway but she’s now so typecast. It gives her the shits, actually, she’s told me.

“Of course the show will be produced and filmed in a very tasteful way and the ABC as always will not go downmarket just to grab viewers.

“Still, we’re very confident our new show which we’ve titled A Case of Crabb’s will be a runaway ratings success, which I hesitate to add is of course is meaningless because the ABC is not in the business of chasing ratings.

“But like anything featuring nudity on TV it will rate its arse off,” Ms Tenor said.