Curfew death toll jumps

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MELBOURNE: Victoria Police say 73 people died in Melbourne overnight during the Victorian capital’s first night under curfew as part of its stage-four pandemic lockdown.

A police spokesperson said those who lost their lives were unaffected by the coronavirus but had been shot dead by Victoria Police officers when they broke curfew for a variety of reasons.

“All we can say is: Whoops! Old habits die hard,” the spokesperson said.


National hardware chain Bunnings has announced changes to its trading hours and conditions of entry to all stores as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve been fine-tuning our trading hours and entry conditions as the fight against the pandemic has progressed and we now find it necessary to make further changes,” a spokesperson said.

“From this Wednesday we will be offering special opening hours for ‘Karens’ wanting to shop without masks and without adhering to social isolation and social distancing requirements.

“The special Karen Hour will run from 6.30pm to 7.30pm in all our stores across Australia so that ‘Karens’ in Victoria have a chance to shop while still making it home before Melbourne’s curfew kicks in.

“We think this change will prove popular, but will be needed for only a short period, maybe a fortnight or so, before demand dries up. Completely,” the spokesperson said.



Catering staff at the White House in Washington DC are planning to take unprecedented industrial action over a directive from President Donald Trump.

The staff members who run the official residence’s kitchens and dining rooms have expressed concerns about an executive order issued by Mr Trump banning the use of China throughout the White House.

A spokesperson for the union covering White House staff said the ban would see a change to using  plastic or paper cups, plates, and dishes which were bad for the environment because their manufacture processes had a huge carbon footprint; they could not be reused or easily recycled; and would go to landfill.

“We tried to explain our concerns to the President but as soon as we said ‘bone China’ he thanked us for our full support and drifted off to discuss his lunch order of hamburgers and Cokes,” the union spokesperson said.