5G link to bashing


Police believe a group peddling conspiracy theories linking the 5G telecommunications network to the coronavirus pandemic may be responsible for the bashing of a business consultant in his Brisbane home overnight.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said the French-born Jean-Elias Wish, 63, was attacked in his home office after arranging a meeting by email with several known conspiracy theorists.

“Mr Wish is a specialist in managing and preventing online confidence tricks and the piracy of information,” the spokesperson said.

“The worldwide business he has built since moving to Australia a decade ago is well known in the commercial security sector.

“Unfortunately Mr Wish appears to have engaged in an email exchange with 5G conspiracy theorists and invited them to his home in an effort to convince them that they have no need to fear the new telecommunications network.

“We believe they arrived and attacked Mr Wish who remains in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in a critical condition with severe injuries (main picture).

“In trying to apprehend the offenders we are pursuing a line of inquiry based on information provided to us by Mr Wish before he lapsed into a coma.

“It appears he issued his invitation to the 5G conspiracy theorists and gave them his home address in an email exchange using his business email account ‘@worldwidejewishconspiracy.com.au’.

“We are continuing our investigation and are hopeful of making arrests very soon,” the police spokesperson said.