Trump claims victory

AMERICAN POLITICSPresident Donald Trump says latest official statistics show his decisive leadership has finally seen off any ongoing threat to the United States from the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a White House briefing this morning Mr Trump presented reporters with charts which he said vindicated his decisions over past months (main picture).

The President also wore a mask at the briefing after months of avoiding being seen in one for fear of appearing “weak”.

Mr Trump rejected claims he had put politics and his own re-election campaign before the nation’s health while overstating his grasp of the problem and indulging in cheap populist tactics.

“That’s just not true, not true,” he said. “I’ve been fighting this virus from Jina, this Kung Flu as many very highly skilled and knowledgeable scientists like me call it.

“You people in the fake media have been Hillarying, I mean pillorying me for months and months.

“But I’ve just been Biden, I mean biding my time and taking the right-wing decisions, I mean the right decisions to tackle the coronavirus.”

1maccomMr Trump pointed to a special “Mission Accomplished” badge on his lapel (pictured) and declared: “From now on we won’t be talking about coronavirus, we’ll be talking about corona-victory.

“Today is a yuge day for America, a yuge day for law and order, a yuge day for a brilliant leader like me.

“It’s a really bad day for Jina, Sleepy Joe Biden, left-wing anarchists like the Democrats, and Crooked Hillary just for good measure,” he said before being helped from the podium.