Is Biden a dead cert for the presidency?

AMERICAN POLITICSUS political observers fear the nation may already be in the depths of an unprecedented constitutional crisis with some suggesting Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden is already dead.

Some commentators have pointed to Mr Biden’s withered and wooden appearance in recent virtual campaign appearances as evidence of his possible demise (main picture) while others say that at his age he always looks that way.

One of the The Bug’s US-based reporters Ken Tuckee said claims of Mr Biden’s death had swept some right-wing social media channels across the nation but no mainstream media outlets had yet formally published the claim.

“Its not unusual for claims of Mr Biden’s death to be published in far-right or even slightly right-wing social media forums,” Mr Tuckee said.

“Those of us covering US politics are accustomed to that, and we’re even accustomed to claims that he hasn’t yet died but which give the time and day on which he will. Those type of claims are usually from so-called ‘Second Amendment warriors’.

“But lately the evidence presented from Mr Biden’s appearance on his own official campaign and fundraising channels has considerable fuelled the rumours.

“The speeches he gives in those recent appearances are ones he’s given previously and his words don’t match his jerky mouth movements.

“He also doesn’t move much, if at all, and when he does it’s with the help of what appears to be some sort of mechanical devices which are barely detectable unless you freeze-frame the vision.

“If true, either the 2020 election is now in totally uncharted territory with a certifiably dead nominee or we are in for a repeat of 1980 and 2000 when clinically brain dead candidates were elected to lead the free world,” Mr Tuckee said.