When six of the best is never enough


The 2020 rugby league season will now be played at an even faster pace after the NRL last night adopted a “blindingly simple and logical rule change” suggestion from one of the game’s most loved administrators and ex-players.

Australian Rugby League Commission chairman Peter Vlandys admitted he was left “gobsmacked by the brilliance of it all” when his predecessor Peter Beattie rang with his rule-change idea late on Friday night.

“Peter told me bluntly that while he liked the idea of the referee’s “six repeat” call with no explanation whatsoever and bell ringing instead of a clearing penalty kick or goal attempt – one I pushed hard for – he thought it wasn’t being applied consistently and often enough.

“That’s when he hit me with the obvious solution – change the entire basic structure of the game and make all plays 12-tackle sets!

“I sat there stunned that the NRL had never considered such a blindingly simple and logical rule change.”

V’landys said that the game would now be played at such a blistering pace that
“we believe we will lure across to our code the several thousand fans who still follow rugby union”.peter beattie with moustache

“Especially as we’ve decided to keep the ref’s six-repeat call as well.”

A modest Peter Beattie (pictured right) told The Bug: “I will never waiver in my support for the game they play in heaven.”