Is PM a total and pathetic pisspot?


Prime Minister Scott Morrison consumed the equivalent of 34 standard alcoholic drinks before, during and after Saturday afternoon’s NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and Penrith Panthers, an exclusive Bug survey has found.

The findings have raised questions about whether the pressures of being the much-loved Father of the Nation and respected wartime leader are getting to Mr Morrison, with some experts saying the visual evidence pointed to the PM having become a chronic, full-blown alcoholic.

“Most health experts agree that the maximum alcohol intake a day should be two or three standard drinks scattered among some days of abstinance,” The Bug‘s in-house health and alcohol abuse expert Iva Thurston explained.

“Saturday’s statistics show a level of consumption that is far too high, even for a man of Morrison’s boofy, bloke-next door stature.

“And we’ve got no idea how many he sank before leaving his home or indeed what he consumed when he returned there.

“It surely must be starting to affect his work. He might already be so brain damaged that he’d be having trouble using words properly.”

The Bug collated social media images and CCTV footage to reveal that the PM drank the equivalent of 21 schooners of full-strength beer before, during and after the match in which his beloved Sharkies were mauled 24 to 56 by the Penrith Panthers at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium in inner-Sydney Carlton.smoko drinking 7

Here is the tally of Morrison’s afternoon binge beer session that The Bug knows about.

Saturday 2.34pm: CCTV footage shows ComCar1 pulling up outside the Koogarah Hotel. One of the PM’s security detail pops in and returns with a Tooheys Extra Dry six-pack, which he hands to Mr Morrison.smoko drinking1 - netsmoko drinking 5 - net



3.35pm-5pm: Various images (above and right) from mainstream media and social media show the PM consuming at least six glasses of beer during the game.

5.24pm: Twitter shows Mr Morrison enjoying a stubbie or two with Penrith legends and Paul Gallen (below left).We are unsure whether this vision was taken before or after the game.

The Bug understands Morrison also spent some time in the players rooms with the beaten Cronulla side but no images were available from that time, although one senior Sharks player told us: “He really was starting to give it a nudge by then!”

Iva Thurston told The Bug: “No wonder the prime minister is keen to see more of his wife Jenny and his two gorgeous daughters.

smoko drinking 6 - net“For he sure as hell won’t have remembered seeing them on Saturday night.”