Monumental work gathers pace

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Work is progressing quickly on the addition of a new presidential face to America’s famous Mount Rushmore national monument.

President Donald Trump ordered the project to start little more than a week ago following his visit to the South Dakota landmark for a 4th of July US Independence Day rally.

“At my rally I did say I’d build a great new park, a beautiful big park, with lots of statues of great Americans in it. But afterwards I thought we can do better,” Mr Trump said.

“I know more about monuments than anybody, so I thought I won’t build the park but I’ll make Mt Rushmore an even greater national monument by including a truly great national leader, like me.

“I mean no President has done more in office than me. Sure Tom Washington and George Jefferson were Founding Fathers, Lincoln — like me — was a great wartime leader and car designer, and Roosevelt was President twice for a record 20 years.

“They all deserve their place on the mountain, but so do I and now that my brilliant leadership has the COVFEFE-19 pandemic under control — thank-you President Trump — we can start to spend money on some other essential national projects,” the President said.

Mr Trump said he had directed the US National Parks Service to have the addition to the monument completed and ready for an official opening rally well before November.

Beattie seeks police probe

Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie says he will ask Queensland Police to investigate the possibility that he is the victim of identity theft.

“The evidence is very clear that I may well be the victim of this awful crime,” Mr Beattie said. “It’s right there in today’s Sunday Mail in Brisbane — a big article about how I’d fix the state economy (pictured).1smail beattie

“This sort of article is very damaging to the government of Annastacia Palaszczuk because it gives the Murdoch media the opportunity to say she and her government have no economic plan and no ideas.

“If you read today’s story and an opinion piece later in the paper by its political reporter you’ll see that’s exactly what  they’ve done.

“Only an egotistical, attention-deprived, spotlight-seeker who’s genetically incapable of saying ‘no comment’ would have fallen into this trap.

“I can only assume my identity has been stolen and someone is using it to damage Annastacia and her government.

“After all I am on the public record on numerous occasions stating quite clearly that I am out of politics and that I avoid the media as much as possible,” Mr Beattie said before asking The Bug’s reporter if they knew whether the Sunshine Coast Aquarium shark tank was back up and running and also providing the dates, times and venues of his next 12 news conferences.

West picks running mate

US rap star Kanye West has announced his running mate for his 2020 presidential election bid.

The music superstar said his vice-presidential nominee would be Caitlyn Jenner — the former Olympic decathlon gold medallist Bruce Jenner who was also his wife Kim Kardashian’s stepfather.

“I am serious about my presidential bid and my VP pick proves it,” Mr West said.

“Cailtyn fits the bill perfectly, she’s now a woman, and a woman of colour to boot.”