A new clown for Maccas


International fast-food chain McDonald’s has announced a revamp of its famous marketing character Ronald McDonald.

A company spokesperson said the current imagery (main picture, left) used for the clown-based character no longer met community standards and expectations.

“The McDonald’s company acknowledges the current debate on public imagery and icons in the context of the Black Lives Matter campaign,” the spokesperson said.

“We firmly believe that the principles underpinning that campaign require everyone to be sensitive about the images they present to the public.

“We think that while it is absolutely correct to reject any use of ‘black face’ imagery we recognise that the opposite is also true — ‘white face’ imagery is equally wrong because it reinforces the concept of white dominance.

“We have therefore made a swift change to our Ronald McDonald character by changing his ‘white face’ to a colour that is still very obviously artificial but is somewhere in the middle of the colour spectrum.

“Likewise for his formerly bright red hair, we acknowledge that it has been a source of concern and personal aggravation for people with red hair.

“So we have changed it to a mid-range colour that, like his skin colour, is still clearly artificial.

“We think we have been right to make changes to Ronald McDonald (main picture, right) while still clearly presenting him as a clown,” the spokesperson said.