Star bugged by early-morning quip


A major feud has erupted between two of ABC News Breakfast program’s most popular presenters after one of them said something that was genuinely funny on the show just before 7am today.

The Bug understands normal co-host Michael Rowland texted in a “stop that now!” demand while on holidays after stand-in host and sports presenter Paul Kennedy delivered the off-the-cuff and clever comment that co-host Lisa Millar and weatherman Nate Byrne both instantly lauded.

“It wasn’t even punny,” Rowland is alleged to have texted.

He reportedly also demanded that Kennedy stop using “my funny chair and use one of your own”.

Kennedy’s quip came as Lisa Millar was recounting a bed bug story from her time reporting in New York and how prevalent the pests in the Big Apple were and how hard they were to get rid of.

“That’s … why it’s called the city that never sleeps, obviously?” Kennedy responded in an admirably deadpan manner.

He then modestly accepted the smiles and fulsome praise from his two on-air colleagues.

“Good one, PK, I like that,” said Byrne.

“Oh, thank you,” replied Kennedy graciously

Nate: “Very …. Congratulations.”

This in fact could be what set Rowland off, show insiders believe, because his co-hosts and presenters normally squirm with embarrassment whenever he delivers one of his “pun mots”.

One of the show’s producers said: “Not only was it a real zinger but PK just sat there rather quietly and modestly absorbed the praise of the other talent, unlike the Cheshire Cat grin that Michael adopts whenever he cracks one of his dreadful puns that he thinks are the other side of brilliant.”