Green leaves ABC red-faced


The ABC has been forced to issue an apology to viewers offended by a technical glitch in its coverage last night of the Eden-Monaro by-election.

An ABC spokesperson said the apology issued on behalf of the ABC by host Jane Norman at the end of last night’s telecast was prompted by what he described as “the accidental appearance on screen of a still frame from a video in the personal collection of ABC election analyst Antony Green”.

“The ABC, as Jane told viewers last night, is very sorry for what happened,” the spokesperson said.  “But when you think of it, unfortunately it was bound to happen.

“We’ve had the coronavirus pandemic forcing a lot of ABC staff — including Antony — to work from home and use their own PCs and laptops.

“So there has always been a risk of some personal files ending up on the ABC IT system.

“But we’ve acknowledged it shouldn’t have happened, Antony has been counselled by ABC management, and now we move on.”

When asked if it was fair to describe the ABC as being “red-faced” over the incident the spokesperson agreed.

“We’re always red-faced if you listen to the government, or what’s left of the Murdoch media,” he said.