Trump’s about-face on mask

AMERICAN POLITICSUS President Donald Trump has reversed his previous opposition to wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Trump said he would now be wearing a mask at all times until election day in November.

Supporters of the President were given their first glimpse of him wearing  a mask (main picture) at a rally he attended during a stopover in Des Moines, Iowa, on his way to 4th of July US Independence Day celebrations at Mount Rushmore in the neighbouring state of South Dakota.

“I admit I now see the value in wearing a mask,” Mr Trump told his initially somewhat puzzled fans after taking to the stage at the rally.

“But if wearing a mask means I can continue working to Make America Great Again in my second term, then I’ll do it.”

The crowd then burst into cheers and gave the President a standing ovation.

Mr Trump went on to address the ongoing pandemic issue.

“Let me say — without fear of contradiction — that America now leads the world when it comes to the Kung Flu or whatever you want to call it,” he said.

This led to what has become a predictable reaction at the President’s recent rallies — loud and unstoppable chants of “USA!, USA!, USA!” punctuated by short bursts of celebratory gunfire into the air from some in the crowd that forced the President to curtail his remarks and depart to board Air Force One to continue his campaign swing.