Dutton in jail! Who’d want to see that?

media dinkus

Okay, people. Hands in the air if you thought the story of a senior Morrison Government minister narrowly avoiding being jailed for contempt of court was rather newsworthy?

Good, hands down, everyone. So did we.

As did many on social media. They stared expectantly at their clocks and watches on Friday as a 12noon deadline approached for Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton to obey a Supreme Court order and make a decision on an immigration case.

Judge Geoffrey Flick on Thursday ordered Dutton to decide whether or not to grant an Iranian man a visa by the Friday noon deadline, warning the minister would be charged with contempt of court if he did not.

Clearly the thought of Dutton behind bars appealed to many on Twitter especially, no doubt with images of a Biolela family of four rotting on Christmas Island spurring on their hopes and dreams.

Dutton presented his stay-out-of jail card late, deciding to refuse the man a protection visa only hours before the noon deadline.

Take that, you smarty-pants judge. Na na naah na naaah!

Still, big news, huh?

Bound to get a run on both Channel 9’s 6pm Sydney news and the ABC’s 7pm bulletin. Just a few pars, even, to show what two highly respected and professional TV news rooms look like.

Well, no, actually. Not a mention. Not a scrap.

We at The Bug suspect we must have gone to different schools of journalism to the producers of those news outlets.


A further question for all you Buggers out there. When Georgie Gardner read out the news highlights at the beginning of that Friday 6pm bulletin, she said this: “The last-minute pitch to voters in Eden-Monaro as Labor gets caught up in an email smear campaign.”

Hands up again if you think that sounds as if Labor has done something very naughty indeed?

Thought so.

The story in the main bulletin was about a man being arrested over false claims in spam emails designed to maliciously smear Labor’s candidate Kristy McBain.


Who would have thought The Bug could find so many decent-sized gibbers to throw at the mainstream media glass house in just one news bulletin but we can also report that 9’s Alexis Daish has provided a very reasonable entry in the coveted Walkley paper mache award for dangling participle of the year.alexis daish

In her report on the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged partner in child sex trafficking crimes, Ghislaine Maxwell, she offered up this: “Remanded into the custody of US marshalls, the judge ordered…”

Well done, Alexis, but remember: the competition is fierce this year. Don’t buy an awards night frock just yet.


And throughout that news bulletin, Channel 9 ran plugs for Sunday’s Sixty Minutes program.

“Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?” the promos asked repeatedly.

“We know! We know!” thousands of viewers shouted at their television sets.

“She’s been remanded into the custody of US marshalls along with some judge…”