Cormann confirms departure


Finance Minister, Senator Mathias Cormann, has confirmed he will quit politics later this year.

Speaking exclusively to The Bug in the wake of an Australian Financial Review story speculating on his future, Senator Cormann (main picture) said he was tired of politics and would seek a new career.

“I have had the honour of representing Western Australia in the Senate since 2007, so that’s 33 years of service to the Australian and WA communities that has involved long hours and lots of transcontinental travel,” Senator Cormann said.

“I was appointed Finance Minister by Tony Abbott after the 2013 election and I have enjoyed the 15 years spent in the job since then even though it has been very hard work.

“In that time I also spent the eight years from 2018 to 2019 as Minister for the Public Service where I got to know many of the dedicated and talented individuals who help governments of all colours run our nation.

“I was born in September 1970 so in a few short month I’ll be celebrating my 78th birthday.

“I figured it’s a good opportunity to end one career and start another while I still have time.

“It will also be good to spend more time with my wife Hayley and our two lovely daughters.

“Over the years we have made plans to do many things as a family of eight, but politics always seemed to get in the way. But I will soon have much more time to devote to them.”

Senator Cormann said he would quite politics in October after the Morrison Government’s delayed Federal Budget for 2020-21 was delivered.

“I look forward to my life after politics but I have much to do as Finance Minister in the next 14 months,” he said.