UK comic reveals US sting

buddy tBritish filmmaker, comedian, and social commentator, Sacha Baron Cohen, has confessed to his most elaborate “sting” by revealing he has been playing “Donald Trump” since the US President’s supposed inauguration almost four years ago.

In the United States to undertake covert filming for a new and as-yet untitled movie, Cohen let slip the fact that he has been playing the Trump character for all of the President’s current term.

“I took the oath of office — or at least pretended to take it — on the 20 January 2017 (main picture) following the November 2016 election,” he said.

“Donald was very good about it all. As a natural showman he saw the chance to have a bit of fun and actually lighten his load as President.

“Donald arranged for the US Chief Justice to administer the real oath of office to him in a private ceremony in the Oval Office just minutes before I stood up at the Capitol in front of millions of people and took the bogus oath.

“Donald has since kept out of sight at the  White House beavering away on running the nation and the world while I’ve been undertaking every single one of his public appearances.

“It’s been me that’s been flinging around all those crazy accusations, far-right claims, and awful insults in every speech I’ve made as ‘Donald Trump’.

“I control what everyone thinks his is Twitter account too.

“Like all of my characters — from Borat to Bruno and many more — the Trump character is a gross exaggeration.

“In real life he isn’t anything like the way I play him. He’s actually a really soft and compassionate guy with predominantly left-wing views.

“But for my comedic purposes that sort of character was never going to work,” Cohen said.