Cinema classic back better than ever!


Film aficionados of the world rejoice! Pulled from screening services recently for alleged racist overtones, one of the greatest films ever made, Gone with the Wind, will soon be back on our home screens.buddy t

I have had the privilege of watching the revamped movie several days before its general release back on Turner Classic Movies and other platforms, and I can report it’s a masterclass in 21st Century cinematic special effects and the latest in computer imaging technology.

The latest iteration of the classic from 1939 – the absolute golden year of Hollywood – has lost none of its high drama, unbridled passion and Max Steiner’s soaring main theme.

And I’m here to report that the extended love scenes between Rhett Buter (Clark Gable) and Mammy (Hattie McDaniel) are some of the most tender I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch.

Have a box of tissues ready for they are STEAMY! Two if you need to wipe your eyes as well.

Gone, thankfully for good, is that despicable staircase rape scene of the original between Butler and Scarlett O’Hara (Vivienne Leigh).

Another very moving part of this wonderful remake – if that’s the word for it – is how the African-American workers and their white slave masters negotiate with openness and honesty to ensure the workers are paid properly, their conditions are good and their families are well looked after (pictured).black workers singing - net

But for mine, the reworked scenes involving Scarlett and Mammy are the most moving of all.

Gone with the wind are the past notions of a strict mistress-servant relationship.

Here we see two fine actresses, as I’ve mentioned with a little SFX help, exploring the bonds of friendship that exist between women the world over, regardless of their creed, colour or circumstances.

scarlett and mammy 1 - net


scarlett and mammy 2 - net


scarlett and mammy 3 - net


scarlett and mammy 4 - net