Why Morrison could give a rat’s…


There’s surely not a pig on this planet that could lie in shit as effortlessly and as happily  as Scott Morrison lies as he goes about his daily work.

The man hasn’t earned the sobriquet #LiarfromtheShire for nothing; examples of his rampant mendacity pop up all the time.

The latest was his obstinate refusal to obey a direction from House of Representatives Speaker Tony Smith on Thursday to withdraw unconditionally unparliamentary comments levelled at Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.

Here’s what the PM shouted across the dispatch boxes about Victorian Labor’s branch-stacking woes: “….in the midst of a debacle and corruption that he has overseen….”

And here are a couple of definitions of the verb, to oversee, that are rather unambiguous.

To supervise (a person or their work), especially in an official capacity.

To watch or organise a job or an activity to make certain that it is being done correctly .

And here’s what our devout God-fearing Pentecostal Christian tried to argue as Smith repeatedly demanded the unconditional withdrawal after he had sat down Labor’s Tony Burke before he could even take a point of order.

“Mr Speaker, I was not impugning a motive to the Leader of the Opposition. Mr Speaker, I was referring to the word ‘corruption’ that the Member for Holt has used………”

Reflect on that for a second. “I was not impugning a motive….”

Apart from Morrison’s disgraceful attempt to talk over and bully the Speaker, he is also guilty of one or several things.

He has no qualms whatsoever of saying one thing and then contradicting it completely a few moments later. That makes him a liar and a hypocrite, or both.

Or he hasn’t the foggiest idea what it means to oversee something, which makes him poorly educated or dumb, or both.

Hmm. Wait a minute. Morrison could be a liar, a hypocrite, poorly educated and dumb.

He has become the political leader of a western nation so he’s got the right qualifications then if some recent elections around the world are a guide.

And listening to him mangle the Queen’s English at almost every opportunity he gets as he fudges facts and mishapes figures give further insight into the man’s character and perhaps explains why he has risen to the top in politics.

Look at his declaration that slavery has never existed in Australia. It shows a chalkboard full of poor teachers during his school years or a total lack of interest in our nation’s history during his adulthood.

That’s if he was being truthful, that is.

Morrison will say something one day that he will totally contradict the next. He’ll use any particular argument that he thinks suits the occasion. The man is devoid of the logical restraints that a normal person might abide by to be considered reasonable.

Doubt that? One week, a crowd of tinfoil hat-wearing, G5-fearing, lockdown loathing, anti-vaxer protestors at an unlawful rally are showing their  “anxieties and the frustrations” in a  “free country”. “People can make their protests and make their voices heard,” the PM observed wisely.

A few weeks later and with coronavirus curving downwards, an admittedly much larger Black Lives Matter crowd at a legal rally is putting Australian lives at risk and could blow a $25 billion hole in any post-COVID recovery.

The reality is that a blush will never cross this man’s face if he thought arguing that black was actually white could attract a vote from the right audience at any particular time.
What he said yesterday is of no concern to him today.

He is the walking, mis-talking proof that extreme rat-cunning has absolutely nothing to do with any level of human intelligence.

It makes the man extremely dangerous and  he should come with a “do not approach” police warning.

And I don’t envy Anthony Albanese in his attempts to bring him down. He’d have better luck juggling eels.

It’s now quite clear that Morrison will see no wrong whatsoever in replicating at the next federal election every lie, every rort, every last cent of public money and every mean and nasty trick in the book he mustered to win the last one. He’ll double down if that’s what it takes. He’s in rapture of the notion that the end always justifies his selfish, self-centred means.

Just ask Michael Towke, who had the temerity to knock Morrison out of Cook preselection in the first round 82 votes to 8. It took four highly defamatory and untrue articles in the Daily Telegraph (the paper eventually paid!) to sideline Towke and hand the nomination to Morrison. A Liberal Australian PM beholden to that awful, unethical American Rupert Murdoch. Who would have thought?

Be he a liar, a hypocrite, poorly educated or dumb – or all four and much, much more – Morrison makes the most cunning of rats look like one of those harmless and cute furry white critters for sale in a pet shop cage.

Don Gordon-Brown