Whistle blown on slack refs

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SYDNEY: All three referees who controlled the Super Saturday NRL clashes yesterday will be called before NRL head of football Graham Annesley to explain why they allowed some sets to be played out without ringing the “six again” bell at least once.

“If some referees don’t want to see our game played at breakneck speed, then maybe they need to step aside,” one NRL source explained Annesley’s general thinking to The Bug.

“It’s not as if they’ve got to think up a valid reason for calling six again or anything like that.

“And it’s clear the cardboard cutout fans are loving hearing the bell ring.”


LONDON: Faced with moves by other sporting codes such as rugby league and rugby union to simplify their rules and make their codes faster and more exciting for fans, the International Cricket Council has ruled here overnight that all international Twenty-20, One-Day and Test clashes from now on will be “tipsy run”.


RUGBY, England: The only educational institution in the world that offers a degree course centred around “the game they play in heaven” is reportedly excited by plans to simplify the sport and make it a faster moving spectacle.

Rugby Union College, based in the market town in Warwickshire where the game began, is considering reducing its full-time, four-year degree, Understand International Rugby Union Rules And Their Application in Match Conditions, to only three.