Trump rejects rally attacks

AMERICAN POLITICSUS President Donald Trump has rejected claims he is planning to use his campaign rally in Tulsa this weekend to deliberately aggravate racial tensions in an America still simmering following the death of George Floyd.

Political opponents of the President and some commentators allege Mr Trump is desperate to claw back support he has lost in recent weeks and will use the rally to appeal to his conservative and far-right supporters.

They point to comments made by Mr Trump at a White House news conference yesterday (main picture) where he previewed the rally by saying he had been victimised “far more than Floyd George (sic) ever was”.

“Did Floydie Boy boy ever have the lamestream media gang up on him and tell yuge lies about everything he ever said? I don’t think so,” the President said.

“The fake news outlets have had their knees on my neck ever since I arrived in the White House and for many years before, in fact.

“That’s why I’ll be using the Tulsa rally to launch my own public campaign — Orange Lives Matter — to raise public awareness of the injustices I’ve experienced since defeating Crooked Hillary and even before becoming President.

“I’ll also be outlining my plans for an escalation in the war with… I mean the trade war, with Jina.

“I’ve got yuge plans, yuge plans, for that. So stayed tuned,” he said.