Trump backs gay ruling

AMERICAN POLITICSUS President Donald Trump has shocked supporters by embracing the decision of the nation’s Supreme Court protecting employment rights of gay and transgender people.

In a landmark ruling the US Supreme Court’s nine justices voted 6/3 to declare that employers who sack any employee for being gay or transgender are breaking the country’s civil rights laws.

Hard-line right-wing groups and legislators who have already expressed dismay at the court’s decision had been expecting Mr Trump to attack the ruling.

But in a surprise move the President has wholeheartedly embraced the decision and said he supported “this very wise decision by our Supreme Court which must be respected by all Americans”.

In a more surprising move Mr Trump left the White House immediately after hearing news of the ruling to make an unscheduled flight across the US in Air Force One to land in San Francisco.

There he joined in a local LGBT Pride March (main picture) where he said he had always respected decisions by the Supreme Court “which is the highest court in the land”.

“It’s not just the highest but the best court in the land. It’s a beautiful court that makes beautiful decisions with yuge implications. Yuge,” he said.

“In this decision it’s also shown it’s the wisest court too and it’s up to all Americans to ensure they abide by its ruling.

“From today nobody who employs anyone can sack that employee for being gay.

“This is a good ruling and as President I take this opportunity to remind everyone that as President I am effectively the employee of American voters.

“So we must all respect the court’s decision, especially come November,” the President said before smeared with baby oil and joining a conga line of men in gimp suits.