The real reason for Voice ‘smeltdown’


Last night’s judges meltdown on The Voice’s final blind auditions had little to do with Guy Sebastian’s illegal chair turn that had the other judges accusing him of cheating.buddy t

I can reveal that all four judges were at their wit’s ends after three gruelling days of taping that left them sleep deprived, bad-tempered and reeking of almost unbearable body odour.

My usually reliable sources on the set in Sydney’s Nine studios say the four judges – Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child, Boy George, Delta Goodrem and Sebastian – were virtually out on their feet and feeling rotten after wearing the same outfits for the entire 10 programs.

“They came in in mid-February expecting to tape just the opening show but were then forced to stay at the studios as the entire 10 episodes – that’s 15 hours’ screen time, mind – were filmed over the next 75 hours,” one said on the condition of anonymity.

“They pleaded to at least be allowed to have some fresh outfits brought from their homes but the show’s executive producer just kept saying they had to stick to an incredibly tight schedule as COVID-19 restrictions came into force.”

The 10 shows aired from May 25 until last night and in most episodes Kelly Rowland can be seen pulling up the wings on her blue outfit to try to get some air circulating under it. The other judges are also seen pulling at her wings to try to get some respite too.

Kelly told me overnight: “I’ve got some outfits that are far more hideous than this that I wanted to showcase as fresh episodes were taped.”voice 3 - net

I’m told Boy George was furious that he couldn’t even have some different hats brought to the studio and Guy Sebastian had only intended to wear his lumberjack outfit just the once “after losing a bet with a mate”.

And a tearful Deltra Goodrem told me: “It was a really cold day on the first day of taping and that’s the only reason I had that heavy black jacket on.

“I had planned to then wear some of my flimsy, pastel-coloured outfits that really show off the contours of my beautiful body.

“What our fans saw last night was not so much a meltdown but a smeltdown,” Delta joked before asking if I’d like to hear her play the piano and sing a few of her fabulous hits.