Plans for ex-PMs to stand tall


The vandalism of statues of two former Australian prime ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott has prompted a public appeal to build bigger and better replacements.

Bronze busts of Mr Howard and Mr Abbott in the Prime Ministers’ Avenue in the botanical gardens of the Victoria city of Ballarat were smeared with obscenities in red paint at the weekend accusing them of being racists.

The attack has sparked Sky News “after dark” commentators Alan Jones and Peta Credlin (pictured) to launch a public appeal seeking donations to build bigger and better statues of the two men.

jones[peta ad“Quite frankly John Howard and his hard-line approach to protecting our national borders evident from the moment the Tampa sailed over the horizon in 2001 saved Australia from being inundated with illegal arrivals, terrorists, jihadists, Sharia law proponents, and many other undesirables,” Jones told viewers on the regular program he co-hosts with Credlin.

“Tony Abbott continued that sound approach after the disastrous flirtation voters had with Rudd and Gillard and Rudd again.

“Abbott is often dismissed as being shallow with an over-reliance on three-word responses to any complex issue.

“I have no idea where people ever got that idea but it’s just wrong. He was much more than that was he Peta?” Jones asked Credlin.

“Yes he was,” Credlin replied before continuing to explore in detail the them outlined by Jones.

“Tony was right,” she said.

“He protected Australia.

“We miss him.

“We need him.

“He should return.

“Bring Abbott back.”

Jones then outlined a plan for public subscriptions to build “Big Howard” and “Big Abbott” statues, and revealed an artist’s impression of John Howard’s statue installed outside the Sydney Opera House (main picture).

“The statue of Tony Abbott will be built at the Manly ferry terminal looking out over the harbour,” he explained.

“I have an artist’s impression of Tony’s statue too, but I can’t show it to viewers even in our timeslot.

“Let’s just say that he’ll be portrayed in his famous red togs and that gives architects the opportunity to include in their design a viewing platform about half-way up,” Jones said.