Album tracks a long career


News that the Dalai Lama will release an album to mark his 85th birthday has surprised the music industry.

Reports suggest the new album will contain tracks of his teachings and mantras set to music (pictured).

dalilama clippingThe Bug understands the Dalai Lama also plans a world stadium tour once COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted to promote his Inner World album.

The Tibetan spiritual leader has recorded 11 tracks with accompanying music provided by musicians playing more than 30 instruments.

Although full details of the album’s contents have not been released The Bug’s music editor, Barry Tone, has been given a sneak review of some of the tracks.

“The album, I’m told, is designed to reflect the Dalai Lama’s life work which has largely consisted of travelling the world preaching messages of love and world peace,” he said.

“I believe the album captures the essence of his works over his lifetime through tracks such as We Must Love One Another and The World Must Live in Peace which reflect his very early career around the time he fled Tibet in the face of Chinese aggression to live in permanent exile.

“Other tracks reflect on his long career since that tumultuous period which has seen him jet around the world taking his simple messages to his followers and his penchant for mixing with celebrities and A-listers.

“These tracks include How to Make a Career by Repeatedly Stating the Fucking Obvious and others like How Gullible Can People Be to Swallow the Shallow Obviousisms I Keep Spouting? and the very emotional What! No First Class on This Flight?

“It’s quite an eclectic mix, and I’m sure many people will but the album even if they never listen to it, which I’m equally as sure about,” he said.