FBI grabs Prince Andrew

aroyal corres dinkusIn a top secret operation by American law enforcement agencies, Prince Andrew has been dramatically captured at Windsor Castle and whisked to the US to face interrogation over his links with deceased sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein.

A local resident who saw events unfold in the grounds of Windsor Castle told me a black, unmarked helicopter was hovering overhead as Prince Andrew rode a horse in the castle grounds alongside his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“Royals on horseback in and around the castle grounds, including the Queen, are nothing new for us locals,” the eyewitness told me.

“We keep our distance and give them a bit of privacy. We always wave and they wave back. It’s no big deal for those of us who’ve lived here for some time. But yesterday was definitely very different.

“I waved at the Queen and she waved back, but Andy didn’t. He was keeping a sharp eye on the chopper in the sky above them as if he was expecting something to happen.

“Then in a split second the chopper came in very low and I saw six people in black uniforms and masks with the letters FBI on their fronts and backs jump out of it on ropes and lower themselves to the ground not far from the royal pair.

“Andy looked a bit stunned by this, but Her Majesty seemed to twig straight away what was happening and promptly dismounted.

“She stood in front of Andy who was still on his horse. Her Majesty adopted a sort of karate pose — legs apart with both hands up, poised to attack the agents.

“But they quickly rushed her, stopping only to give her a polite bow from the waist. I suspect some of the masked FBI agents were women because at least two of the six curtseyed to Her Majesty before roughly pushing her aside.

“Then before I had a chance to comprehend what I’d just seen, Andy was bundled off his horse, had a belt wrapped around his waist, and was winched up and into the chopper.

“He was followed by the six FBI agents, leaving Her Majesty on the ground shaking her fist at the chopper and shouting obscenities as it flew away,” the eyewitness said.

Prince Andrew was last seen being led into a New York police station (main picture) where it is understood he is undergoing questioning.

A spokesperson for the Royal Family has not returned calls.