Tweets that have stunned the world!


The rumours had been growing internationally among expert political pundits for days: was it possible that US President Donald Trump, upset over falling public support, could find a way to cancel November’s presidential election and rule as some form of despotic dictator.trump tweet header - net

Well, a series of Trump tweets over the past 12 hours have emphatically answered those widely expressed concerns about the future of the world’s most powerful western democracy …. but not in the way the experts had pondered.

The Bug reprints just some of the dozens of presidential tweets that came out of the White House in the last half-day.

Read them and weep  for what was once the world’s most powerful democracy and Australia’s greatest defence ally.

trump tweet panel 1 - net


trump tweet panel 2 - net


trump tweet panel 3 - net


trump tweet panel 4 - net


trump tweet panel 5 - net