Shock jocks take on head jobs

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NATIONAL: The two shock jocks picked to replace veteran broadcaster Alan Jones in Nine Entertainment’s top radio shifts — Ben Fordham (at right in main picture) and Neil Breen (further right in main picture) — say they will not be just pale imitations of their predecessor.

Fordham, Sydney radio station 2GB’s new breakfast host, told listeners this morning: “I want to put to rest suggestions that I’ll be a cheap imitation of Alan. Nothing could be further from the truth and anyone who makes that claim should be stuffed in a chaff bag and taken out to sea and dumped.”

Mr Fordham said he was not surprised when he was announced as the replacement for Alan Jones.

“Alan often said he’d love to have me in his old slot,” he said.

A similar story was told to listeners this morning by Breen who replaced Jones on Brisbane’s 4BC.

“Alan would often corner me and say he imagined I had tremendous oral skills, which is a bit odd because I thought he might have listened to one or two of my previous shows,” he said.


SYDNEY: Under the latest lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, up to five choir and altar boys can now be abused at any one time at Catholic and Anglican churches and cathedrals across New South Wales. Other states and territories and other denominations are expected to follow suit shortly.


SYDNEY:  Gyms and beauty/nail salons will also reopen today in NSW and other states, meaning COVID-19 restrictions have delayed their eventual date of going broke and closing permanently by several months.


MELBOURNE: Palace Cinemas has expressed concern over the new COVID-19 rules that now allow them to reopen with 50 patrons.

“Where are we going to find the extra 40 or more patrons over the handful of people who are usually in each of our cinemas at any one time,” a spokesperson said.