A stone’s throw from hypocrisy

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The Bandana Man in his Sun-Herald column takes time out to ridicule Kensington Palace for a silly little double up in a media release, using “false misrepresentation”.Peter-FitzSimons-1260x840

And a nice little pick-up it was too. But the suitably named Bug Glasshouse might also remind Bandana Man that more care needs to be taken with either his – or a sub-editor’s – fingers over his two weekend columns.

In Saturday’s column, Peter FitzSimons wrote that the source of a story was ”an-named” person.

True. A little literal (typing error) doesn’t wet the pants of an old hack sub anywhere near as much as a fine example of tautology (criminal lawyer is another example), but still: what’s that old saying again about people in glass houses….?


Time now for a quick lesson for two Sydney Morning Herald reporters, Lydia Lynch and Max Koslowski, in how to count parliamentary seat numbers and determine a sitting government’s majority majoroty blue - net

In the Saturday SMH article (pictured) they wrote that the Queensland Premier Anna Palaszczuk “…is in a difficult position: with a state election in five months, her 10-seat majority is exposed to a Queensland constituency that endured high rates of unemployment for years before the virus hit.”

Now, news that Palaszczuk has a 10-seat majority should have seen the online bookies reducing Labor’s odds somewhat for the October 31 poll but they didn’t – for the simple reason that they know a lot more about politics than our two SMH reporters.

Labor’s majority in Queensland is much, much smaller than 10 seats. In a Legislative Assembly of 93 seats where clearly a party needs 47 to claim a one-seat victory, Labor won 48 last time around. That’s a helluva lot less than a 10-seat majority. We reckon about three at best.

What is true is that Labor with those 48 seats has 10 more than the official opposition party, the LNP, has with 38, and this is where our dynamic duo have muddled things up badly.

There are also seven crossbenchers with a majority of them being on the conservative side of politics.

Calling that Legislative Assembly lineup a 10-seat majority to Palaszczuk is so, so, basically wrong.