LNP’s Bowen Hills branch shines again


Just a day after The Bug got stuck into Saturday’s issue of The Courier-Mail for downplaying the Morrison Government’s $60 billion Jobkeeper scheme bungle, its sister publication has come up with a classic example of what to expect from both these shameful shit rags in the months leading up to the state election in October.

We won’t focus too much on the three by-lined reporters responsible for the Sunday Mail piece (at top) – Jeremy Pierce, Jack McKay and Janelle Miles – other than to feel sorry for them and express the hope they’ll one day get a job in real journalism.

We say that because we’ll assume the three Js had nothing to do with the disgraceful heading or the clear implication that if the Premier of Queensland does anything other than talk to struggling tourist operators hard hit by COVID-19 and the border closure, then she is totally remiss in her duty, should be thoroughly ashamed of herself and perhaps a quick drive to government house with a resignation note in hand would be in order.

And how about that intro?

Premier Anna Palaszczuk has responded to desperate pleas from the shuttered and shattered tourism industry with a lightning visit to the Gold Coast to pose with a movie director.

And that second par that while desperate tourism leaders were imploring the Premier to lift strict COVID-19 border restrictions she was swanning it at a special event with Baz Luhrmann.

The reason we’ll leave our fearless trio of tyros (yes, we’re making the assumption they’re all pretty young; sue us if they’re not!) alone is that it’s our best bet that the first couple of pars were also the creation of others further up the editorial ladder and were framed to suit perfectly the heading.

Still, the heading and those first couple of pars would have made Goebells proud, would they not? What emotive words! BRUSHED! SELFIE! POSED! What a masterly putdown of a selfish, self-centred, selfie-taker!

But, hey, if the three reporters did in fact craft those opening sentences, please let us know so we can think even less of them and keep a special eye out for their contributions to the LNP’s election campaign in the months ahead.

As we said yesterday, does anyone seriously think a $60 billion fuck-up in a government scheme’s costing would have not rated a mention anywhere near the top of the paper’s website or all over the front page of the printed paper if a Shorten Labor government was the fuckup-er?

Or that today’s disgraceful attack on Palaszczuk’s behaviour – all seemingly based around the notion that she’s a selfish pollie who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time – would have seen the light of day if Deb Frecklington was the state’s leader?

News Queensland, Campbell Street – the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch!