Red faces all round after cafe kerfuffle


Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his dining party have been refused entry to a NSW South Coast eatery, the embarrassed victims of the PM’s home state’s laws restricting diners to 10 people at a time.

“It’s my fault,” one of the PM’s three senior advisers with him at the time said. “I knew the rules and should have booked ahead.”

The state’s strict coronavirus lockdown laws were only further eased last Friday, with cafes and pubs with dining rooms allowed to take 10 seated patrons at a time.

And Mr Morrison’s group fell foul of the restrictions when they turned up to have “a curry for the country” just as crews from all the major TV and radio networks happened to be passing by.

Unaware who the would-be VIP diners were, a staffer at the only  just reopened Ring of Fire Indian restaurant in Cobargo that boasts a lamb vindaloo that will “burn your ‘roids clean off” told Mr Morrison’s group that the local diners already inside had only just been seated so they would have a two-hour wait.

As the red-faced group wandered off down the town’s main street devastated by the summer bushfires, the eatery’s horrified owner and chef quickly realised what had just happened.

Still holding a large knife, he desperately ran after the group shouting: “And don’t even fucking think of trying to come back, okay!”