SBS cans Eurovision act

buddy tBrisbane music impresario Vince Agarol says he is disappointed that national broadcaster SBS made a last-minute decision to cut his entry in its special broadcast this weekend celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest.

The live Big Night In program broadcast by SBS on Saturday night featuring numerous Australian artists replaced this year’s international Eurovision event that was cancelled earlier this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Agarol, the composer of an as-yet-unproduced rock opera based on the life of Brisbane’s infamous Poo Jogger (main picture), said he and local six-member acapella singing group the Brown Coils had worked for months on a controversial song from his musical.

“The song is Portaloo which you may recall has been the subject of what I reckon is unnecessary and very expensive litigation between me and lawyers for the Swedish pop group ABBA,” Mr Agarol said.

“I was hoping that legal stoush was behind us and that this weekend Australia and the world might have a chance to hear Portaloo being performed.

“The Brown Coils are a unique act that I discovered a few years back at a health retreat in the hinterland of northern New South Wales.

“They are a bit like the famous throat singers from places like Mongolia, Siberia, Sardinia, and some Inuit communities in the Arctic Circle, except the Brown Coils perform acapella using their rectums instead of their throats.

“They were all set to deliver what would have been a wonderful rendition of Portaloo but once again the world was denied their brilliance by some idiot at SBS. It seems the song is jinxed.”

During Saturday night’s live broadcast hosted by Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasy, SBS suddenly cut away from the Brown Coils just moments after they took to the stage.

“There was no reason for SBS to can the performance. The show’s producers told me they were justified in killing the song before the group even started because the Brown Coils all took a dump on stage.

“That’s not what happened. It was just their equivalent of clearing their throats, that’s all.

“SBS just overreacted and I reckon they should compensate me and the Brown Coils, but they’re not taking my calls,” Mr Agarol said.