Trump steps up China attacks

AMERICAN POLITICSUS President Donald Trump has stepped up his attacks on China as he struggles to repel domestic political attacks on his handling of the COVID-019 pandemic.

In a move designed to divert attention from the alleged shortcomings in his response to the coronavirus crisis, Mr Trump appeared at a rally of his supporters in Tennessee dressed in a “coolie hat” and wearing a fake “Fu Manchu” moustache.

He began his 40-minute speech by rhetorically asking the audience if “Jinaman” was “still a politically correct way to describe someone from the virus capital of the world”.

To wild applause, the President continued his attack on “Jina” and the “Jinese government” but — as in his previous similar speeches — he drew a distinction between them and the “Jinese people”.

“We love the Jinese people. We have nothing against them, even if they eat dogs,” he said while pulling a puppy and chopsticks from under the presidential lectern (main picture).

Mr Trump peppered the remainder of his speech with other anti-Chinese racial epithets and lambasted his presumptive opponent at the November presidential election, Joe Biden, as a “Jina-loving Democlat”.

At each mention of Mr Biden the President used his index fingers to horizontally stretch his eyes while uttering cartoonish “oriental” gibberish.

“Jina Joe and the Democlats must ruse at the erection,” he declared to wild laughter and a standing ovation.

Before leaving the stage Mr Trump announced that on numerous measures America was now leading the world in coronavirus mortality rates which prompted yet another standing ovation, foot-stamping, and deafening chants of “USA! USA! USA!” which continued until the President left the stage in a rickshaw pulled by Vice-President Mike Pence.