Cashing in on an acting career


One of the Morrison Government’s most loved and hardest working senior ministers is to quit politics to have a tilt at international acting stardom.

Senator Michaela Cash, the employment minister, resigned from Parliament overnight and will fly to London shortly to take up an offer of a starring role in the upcoming sequel to the hit black comedy spy-thriller series Killing Eve.buddy t

The Bug understands the show’s producers rang the senator immediately after seeing her stellar performance in a short social media clip in Australia saying how Indian tucker was her favourite food and how she was looking forward to “having a curry for the country” as the nation’s COVID-19 lockdown rules were eased. (Warning: link below might not be suitable for children’s viewing)

A senior producer at Sid Gentle Films, makers of the series for BBC America and BBC iPlayer, told me he and his colleagues had been simply astounded by the range of deliriously demented and disturbed facial expressions Cash managed in such a short display of her talents.

“Enhancing an amazing array of expressions was a frenetic and powerful body language that would easily exceed all of the positions in the Kama Sutra.”

The Bug understands that the show’s producers are desperate to sign up Cash for the sequel, Killing Villanelle.1mcashall

At the end of the fourth session of the current show, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) finally kills off Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh).

The spin-off begins with UK intelligence calling on one of its most feared and ruthless sociopathic assassins who just happens to be Eve’s adopted older sister
Micky “Crazy Eyes” Oh-No (Cash’s role) to hunt down and kill Villanelle.

“From what we’ve already seen of Michaela’s acting skills, Jodie will now have a real run for her money as to who can best ham it up for the camera lens as a heartless, soulless killing machine with the maniacal laugh,” the producer told me.

Breaking news: Back in Australia, Lady Georgina Downer (below) has announced her decision to relocate to Western Australia and nominate for Cash’s Senate vacancy.countess lady downer

“Although it’s true that daddy’s forebears largely developed the Australia as we know it today from their seat of power in South Australia, they had back in colonial times also considered WA as an excellent place to start the amazing Downer dynasty.

“It came down to a coin toss really. My ancestors simply loved the west, as I do myself.

“We have long ago forgiven Western Australia for being founded as a convict dumping ground, and I believe many other Australians have done likewise,” she said.