Broadcaster seeks new climate


Right-wing Sydney radio identity Alan Jones says his retirement from his 2GB breakfast program shows he always listens to expert advice.

The 79-year-old veteran broadcaster says he hopes he’s still got some good years left before going out the way his will stipulates: chucked in a chaff bag, taken out to sea and dumped.

“My doctor is somewhat better qualified than me, medically speaking, so I tend to listen a fair bit to what he says,” Jones told listeners when announcing his retirement from radio.

“He told me my radio work environment is not the right climate for me and I need to make a change, a climate change if you will.

“He said my average temperature has risen considerably and I need to find ways to mitigate and reverse its trajectory.

“He said if that didn’t happen then I’d burn myself out more and more frequently until I became extinct.

“Of course everyone should also pay attention to their own doctors because they are, after all, men — and sometimes women these days — of science,” he said.