Fire cash handouts ‘beyond reproach’

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CANBERRA: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given an ironclad guarantee here that the final $650 million to be handed out shortly from his $2 billion relief fund for summer bushfire victims will be “beyond reproach and incapable of any criticism on any level from the media or other vested interests”.

“This is the final installment of my government’s $2 billion bushfire response and I can promise you this: there will be no need for colour-coded spreadsheets or any questionable ministerial interventions in the allocation of these funds,” Mr Morrison said.

“Nor will there, or can there be, any allegations of pork-barrelling because the entire amount will be spent in the electorate of Eden-Monaro.”

Mr Morrison said the funds would flow “in a timely fashion” to worthy community groups and projects in Eden-Monaro as soon as a by-election date was set.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly paid the equivalent of A$20 million for a mansion in Los Angeles.1grannyflat

News from the US (pictured right) suggests the couple bought the sprawling six-bedroom property in the exclusive Pacific Palisades with ocean views and neighbours such as movie stars Tom Hanks and Ben Affleck.

A royal family source said while Meghan Markle planned to invite her mother to live in the house with the couple and their baby Archie, Prince Harry had commissioned architectural plans for a granny flat (pictured below) enabling his grandmother to live there as well when she had time to visit from the UK.