UK PM unveils new baby’s name

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Simmons have revealed the name of their newly born son (main picture).

At a brief photo opportunity in the PM’s official country retreat Chequers where he is still recuperating from coronavirus, Mr Johnson said it was a “supreme joy” to once again be the father to a young daughter.

There followed a brief moment during which he was corrected by Ms Simmons before continuing: “Yah. Indeed, righto. Well chaps, and chapettes, what a wheeze. Hey? It’s a boy, apparently.

“So anyway, I was plugging for her, I mean him, to be named Alexander Boris de Pfeffel which is my full name so that she, I mean he, could be Boris Junior.

“But my ….. er, wife, er …. partner, young….Carly, I mean Carry On … no, wait! Carrie. Yes, young Carrie didn’t like that so we’ve agreed on Brexit Covid Number 10 Johnson in honour of the major events that preceded the birth.”


US presidential aspirant Joe Biden has enlisted the help of other political veterans to fight the latest round of sexual harassment allegations to dog his campaign. SONY DSC

Appearing at a news conference with US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, (pictured), the former vice-president vehemently denied the latest claims against him by a woman who worked in his office when he was a US Senator.

After a social media storm erupted about Mr Biden’s behaviour during his appearance with Ms Pelosi, he issued a written apology saying it was his fault he had not adhered to social distancing rules.


Pope Francis has announced the Catholic Church will continue some social distancing measures as part of its worldwide operations even after the current COVID-19 pandemic is resolved.

“I will be issuing an edict for all priests to stay at least 1.5 metres away from any child, boy or girl, at all times,” His Holiness said in a statement released by the Vatican. “That should help head off a lot of problems we might otherwise face in the future.”