Trump touts bum-sunning

AMERICAN POLITICSUS President Donald Trump says he is simply leading by example with his promotion of the controversial practice of perineum sunning (main picture) which he claims could beat the coronavirus.

The President has been heavily criticised for allegedly using his appearances at White House briefings on the fight against COVID-19 as a platform to run a political agenda for his re-election (pictured).

1trumptdisinfectHe was also attacked this week for his remarks suggesting sunlight could help kill the virus and a reference he made to unspecified work by government scientists to explore the ingestion of disinfectant as a way to attack the virus.

But after his comments sparked a torrent of criticism from scientific and medical experts as well as his political opponents, Mr Trump responded in his traditional manner by doubling down on his statements.

Today he showed he was not backing away from nor apologising for them by inviting White House reporters to film him engaged in perineum sunning on the south lawn of the White House.

The practice gained notoriety late last year when a California-based social media “influencer” claimed exposing her perineum to morning sunlight helped promote wellness.

“This is wonderful,” Mr Trump told reporters. “I feel so much better, even after just a few minutes of doing this.

“I can recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid or cure the coronavirus.

“It’s especially good because even if you are in social isolation at home you can still go out to your front or back yard and inoculate yourself.

“Don’t forget, the sun is free so we should be taking advantage of it as a cost-free treatment.”

The President spent around an hour on the lawn and appeared for much of that time to be asleep, rousing only once to summon an aide to bring him a drink of Dettol on ice.