Tragic deaths end supercar series


The deaths of two drivers in a horror pileup just after the start of the day’s third and final race at Silverstone in the UK yesterday have forced the immediate cancellation of the entire Supercars E series, leaving motor sports fans around the world shattered and once again starved for thrills.

Racing journeymen Garry “The Flash” Thomson and Steve “Pedal to the Metal” McGuire both died when their cars flipped in a horror, multi-vehicle crash at a tricky chicane just after the start of the race at Silverstone (above).

Shattered Forumla One superstar Max Verstappen who had won the earlier race at the
Silverstone circuit and the day’s opening event at Barcelona’s Catalunya track for Red Bull paid tribute to the two drivers.

“Silverstone has some tricky spots and as good as Garry and Shane were, it sadly proved their undoing.

“Fatigue might have also played its part given the number of races and citrcuits involved in this exceptionally challenging series.”

Holden’s Shane van Gisbergen, who had won two of the three races conducted on Wednesday, including a nail-biting one-second win in 10 laps around the the challenging 38km Coolamon Scenic Drive circuit in northern NSW, also paid tribute to the two drivers who lost their lives.

“They were both great blokes but maybe they needed to practise more. This is the most gruelling and mentally demanding series I’ve ever been part of. You simply can’t afford to take any of these circuits for granted.”

But he questioned the wisdom of the Supercars E Series officials in pulling the pin on the entire competition that was supposed to last for some months and give some respite to sports-starved fans around the globe.

“Haven’t sports fans suffered enough with so many major events across so many codes now shut down because of COVID-19?

“Motor sports have always been dangerous but my best guess is that Garry and Steve would have wanted the series to continue.

“And I don’t think the organisers have factored in just how much time, effort and money hasn’t been spent not getting our high-powered machines, backup drivers and pit crews to so many exotic locations to make this series work.

“Besides, I was looking forward to next week’s two races along the Lions Road between Beaudesert and Kyogle.”