Nearly full? Well …someone certainly was

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In breaking news on 9’s prime-time news in Sydney on Saturday night, Georgie Gardner breathlessly declared: “Now to some pictures just into the newsroom. Police have been cracking down on those flouting social distancing rules at Marrickville in the city’s inner west.

“Henson Park was almost full this afternoon with people taking advantage of the sunshine before officers drove through the area telling anyone who was not exercising to move on.”

There’s the accompanying image of a nearly full Henson Park. Could the park have possibly fitted any more people in? Disgraceful behavior, right?

The Bug suspects the only thing “almost full” would have been whoever quickly wrote the shit that poor Georgie had to read out.

And the strap at the bottom should have read BRAKING NEWS because the only braking being done as far as we can see from the footage was the police car.


One Sydney journo that The Bug suspects will be spewing this morning is Sun-Herald columnist Jacqueline Maley.

And she’ll have every right to be very, very angry and spitting chunky bits over the front-page treatment the paper’s editors in cahoots with their art department have given her page 13 opinion piece.

In her story, Maley quotes some academic who thinks Scott Morrison has gone from daggy dad to father of the nation. Yes, we know: what a delusional dipshit dunce but that’s not important right now.

The front-page promo clearly suggests the sentiment is Maley’s.

And don’t even get us started on why, in the era of Nine Entertainment’s ownership of the weekend Heralds, the powers-that-be felt an uncontrollable need to give Smoko a totally undeserved free kick anyway.

A once-proud masthead moves another step closer to Liberal propaganda shitsheet.

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